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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 7, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin at the united nations for hers releases and your own human rights report it's likely to refer to what the u.n. chief is called a helmet on or the fierce fight for syria's eastern go to the top investigator has already said both the government troops and the rebels are guilty of human rights abuses. also coming up britain and russia trade accusations and denials as a former russian spy fights for is like after being exposed to a mystery substance or go to lunch with the latest on the investigation.
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i'm sunni so muskaan the thank you for joining us the war raging on in syria is again the focus of attention at the united nations today the un's annual human rights report is due out any moment in geneva and its tone is likely to be harsh a leading un human rights investigator has already slammed both the syrian government forces and rebels for abuses carried out in eastern guta more than eight hundred civilians have died in recent fighting over the rebel held on clay. in eastern guta death at every corner. the struggle for survival here is ceaseless. sustained shelling on the city has led to the u.n. calling this the deadliest week for the syrian town since a cease fire was brokered at the end of last month. that.
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children have been the worst affected this camera man stops to rescue a severely injured infant the image too graphic to show. for the u.n. children's fund says the situation is desperate. the first two months of this year have been especially bloody for children we have received reports of over one thousand should one who were killed and seriously injured in the horse yeah only since the year began. monday brought some reprieve aid trucks reached the embattled town for the first time since the offensive began. despite the excitement the world food program warns it's far from enough. up to four hundred thousand people trapped on the inside these people are living under siege and by that we mean there are serious shortages of medical assistance of food food
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insecurity is very high the un security council will hold urgent talks later today on the failure of the thirty day ceasefire but with no end to the war in sight the people of this town remain in agony. for more on the story we can talk to a colleague of ice an analyst on syria syria who joins us here in our studio good morning to you thank you for being with us the u.n. human rights investigator we saw earlier said it's not just the regime to blame in eastern but also the rebels who are the rebels fighting in this region right now they are from is the root or they are delusional protestors who rose up peacefully initially against the regime of bashar al assad and were met by brute force and then took up arms to defend themselves they got back later by they are certain they are fighting a minority alawite regime assad belongs to a minority alawite sect him and his family and the isle of wight clique and the
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lower cryptocurrency have been in control of syria sovereignty sources at the expense of the majority sunni population for the last forty years so they don't form is the mood of. the protests started. and they became fighters who is backing them who is providing them with their resources well obviously now we've we've death region forty years under siege no one is backing them nobody can beach them and as obama said before he left and he dismissed them as pharmacists doctors and craftsmen who took up on him and they're not as insignificant as obama or russia think it seems the u.n. investigator also pointed to a lot of human rights abuses taking place in eastern huta why are civilians bearing such a heavy brunt here again because this is six thirty in the gene trying to preserve and even extend during this build war is sick theory and deeds these are what that is you fools untrustworthy elements certainly soon as it was applied against us or
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for me in the night in the eighty's and now simply because they are sunnis who resisted the donations of the alawite minority elites so this is a very complex sectarian conflict what can the international community do the security council supposed to meet again today. i mean definition of community so-called i don't know there is no cohesive order or a or one word view about this but be interested we have known for decades that this is a regime that uses massacred and to preserve its is sick theory and games so this is not a new situation and the really nothing nothing in this post should can be done unless force is used to stop this and nobody is willing to do that. with us here in our studios at some our other stories making news around the world the u.s. government's top economic advisor jerry cohen has resigned after breaking with president don't trump our trade policy conus quitting the white house of the
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president's threat to oppose tariffs on steel and aluminum exports which opponents believe could result in a trade war it was. commines u.s. has announced more sanctions on north korea this after washington formally concluded that the country used chemical weapons to assassinate the half brother of leader kim jong un at kuala lumpur airport last year kim young man died after a nerve agent was sprayed in his face. sri lanka has declared a state of emergency after anti muslim violence mobs made up of the majority buddhist population attacked muslim owned shops and homes and at least two people have been killed the government to supply its soldiers to riot areas and imposed a curfew. and in germany eight members of the far right groups face verdicts today they've been on trial over a series of attacks on refugees and left wing activists federal prosecutors are calling for up to eleven years in prison for the perpetrators and could classify the so-called group as a terrorist organization. now britain has warned russia of grave consequences
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if the kremlin was behind the suspected poisoning of a former russian spy service to pall and x. fresh an intelligence officer living in the u.k. was struck down alongside his daughter by a mystery substance the pair were taken critically ill on sunday in the southern city of solsbury observer said the episode bears the hallmarks of a russian assassination attempt. this is a salzburg park where st paul and his daughter yulia were found critically ill on sunday. investigators are now busy trying to determine the nature of the unknown substance the two victims were exposed to. as you are aware we declared a major incident yesterday after a man and woman were taken seriously ill in salzburg on sunday. they both remain in a critical condition and all fools and best wishes remain with their families
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during this difficult time. it was after eating a meal at this local restaurant that a resident found st louis ill on a nearby bench. and then the man starts throwing up it was weird it wasn't like normally. but you can see that he was fishing for and what he started wasn't even it was just this one has just come off as you know. there's been an angry reaction from policymakers with the british foreign minister linking this latest incident to the death of another former russian spy jules. i can read through the. government.
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russia strongly rejected those comments calling them wild the kremlin has denied any knowledge of the affair and cold british allegations groundless it said london should investigate the incident before blaming moscow screwball was a colonel in russia's military intelligence service he was arrested in russia in two thousand and four and convicted of spying for britain two years later in twenty ten he was freed as part of a high level spy exchange. british counter-terrorism specialists have now taken charge of the investigation but a spokesman said they're keeping an open mind about the nature of the incident. let's bring in journalist abigail fryman rouch in london abigail what can you tell us about the condition of circus cripple and his daughter. you know good morning this is a good script well and you really are quite into their lives they spent another
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night in intensive care and they are in a critical condition so says told the b.b.c. yesterday that they were treating symptoms not the cause and that's not a good direction to be going in now this is because they have not yet been able to identify the substance that poisons cripple and his daughter what are investigators concentrating on today so this morning the home secretary amber route is chairing a meeting of the government's emergency committee cobra meanwhile toxicologists military to search for bridgette porson down which is nestles very well raising its time to try to identify the substance that of course and sergei scribblings daughter this really is key and however other sources say there are other factors all tickets may think involved in in that it is syria in the health but meanwhile police also have widened to narea that they cordoned off around the park and restaurants all very near where the panel sounds like they have stressed there's no risk to the public we saw in
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a report of the british foreign minister boris johnson addressed lawmakers on this issue can you tell us more about what he had to say. yes he used very strong language and so on you get very robust response to what he was hearing and and they also offered quite a heavy hint of where his suspicions lie so he told the house of commons to say in these will make the echoes of the death of alexander litvinenko to in two thousand and six now the government reports the investigation into that concluded that the dentist were to be approved by moscow is that i really it's very significant and then he continued what the ground the judgment was to get it and i can reassure the house showed that evidence emerge that in my statements no responsibility then to match this government response the truth quickly and that fast should the president should boycott the world cup which is taking place in russia this summer he said i think we'll have to the serious conversation about our relationship with russia and
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also describe the process of mainline and destruction force right journalist abigail simon for us in london thank you for that update now to sports and in the champions league last night both around the dread in liverpool sealed their places in the quarter finals liverpool defeating porto five nil on aggregate while brown madrid travel to paris down germar with a comfortable lead from the first leg they will welcome by a hostile crowd but for c.n.n. we're now though opened the scoring in the fifty second minute to further the visitors advantage edison cavani equalized for p.s.g. but it wasn't nearly enough real madrid goes through winning on the road to one and five two on aggregate. now to one lawmaker's quest you're in germany to push the patriarchy and any traces of naziism out of the national anthem the tune praises among other things a fatherland or revisions have so far scored mixed reviews from the german public.
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germany's national soccer team players know the words of the national anthem by heart as do the members of the german born does talk. but in the future will they be singing another tune. this is the ministry of family affairs equal opportunities officer kristina pulls a mailing of the s.p.d. she wants to rewrite the anthem slur it's to make them gender neutral. and then it would no longer be for the german fatherland but instead for the german homeland and instead of brotherly with heart in hand courageously with heart and hand. ok but how would it sound. i got other words right no fly had. done the last since august they have been crude. no i don't
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know why should we change the anthem or the lyrics i wonder and i would not agree with that. and for standing them it i like it the way it is it's traditional it's so this is twenty eighteen it's ok to question these things and start these kinds of debates and i'm totally for it but if you and what about the chancellor of german government spokesman says fundamental is very happy with the anthem as it is . right or mine or not our top story that we're following a u.n. investigators says syrian government forces and the besieged rebels in the eastern area are both guilty of human rights abuses more than eight hundred people have died in recent fighting. thank you for watching good of you sara kelly will have an update on your headlines at the top of the hour.
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